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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

Massage Therapy for Marathon Runners

by Jonathan Mason

If you're preparing for a marathon in spring or summer, keeping yourself healthy can boil down to optimizing your recovery windows. Massage therapy has been clinically proven to improve recovery from strenuous workouts and can help you get to the starting line healthier and more prepared to chase down the finish line.

Here are some massage therapy tips and techniques for endurance athletes preparing for a marathon.

Before You Workout

You can jump-start your recovery process by priming your system to function more efficiently before big workouts. When you schedule massage therapy sessions, take these steps to build recovery momentum going into your toughest workouts.

  • Assisted Stretching: When your muscles are tight and your mobility is limited, workouts can take a bigger toll on your body. Many massage therapy providers can perform assisted stretching routines to help loosen your muscles and release the tension that can inhibit your mobility. One common assisted stretching technique many massage therapy providers use for marathon runners involves stretching the hip flexors. You can perform this stretch with a partner or using a stretching rope. Begin by laying on your back. Next, bring the heel of your foot toward your chest, in the direction of the opposite hip. A massage therapy provider can put pressure on your knee to push toward your shoulder or you can deliver similar pressure with the aid of a stretching rope.
  • E-Stem: Electric stimulation gently contracts your muscles via your central nervous system. Your massage therapy specialist can use an e-stem to relieve lingering tension and inflammation, which can drastically improve your efficiency during your marathon workouts. Some massage therapy providers will teach patients how to use e-stem machines and loan them mobile units to use between visits. If you're a serious runner, e-stem can be one of your best recovery tools.

After You Workout

Marathon workouts can deplete your muscles and create millions of micro-tears that can create scar tissue. Your massage therapist can help restore your muscles and stimulate blood flow to repair micro-tears before they cause scar tissue.

  • Deep Tissue: Not all massages will feel good. In fact, some of the best massage techniques for marathon runners often involve uncomfortable deep tissue massaging. When you sign up for a deep tissue massage, always make sure that you come to your massage fully hydrated. Additionally, your massage therapist should also establish a numeric system to help communicate your level of discomfort during your massage.