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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

Massage Therapy School Programs: Learning The Business Touch

by Jonathan Mason

Massage therapists can sometimes suffer the same fate as restauranteurs; they know how to help people, but they don't always know how to run a business. Fortunately, a massage therapy school can help you learn how to administer a healing and business touch.

Here are some of the most important business skills a massage therapy school program can help you develop.

What's Your Niche?

Massage therapy is a broad industry. Balancing your professional goals with your massage therapy preferences can help you figure out where you fit within the industry.

Passion vs. Demand: when you imagine providing massage therapy treatments, what type of clients and in what type of setting do you imagine? For instance, you might see yourself giving relaxing couples massages in a day spa or massaging professional athletes on a trainer's table in a locker room. Great massage therapy programs expose their students to a variety of massage therapy settings and patients. Once you narrow down your massage therapy passion, you can begin to start looking for market demand. This can mean exploring markets both near and far. The best massage therapy school programs can help you network within the massage therapy community to connect you with the resources you need to connect your passion with a demand for your services.

What's Your Business Model?

Most successful massage therapy businesses start with a strong business plan. Your business plan should have clearly stated goals for starting and growing your massage therapy business.

Planning Ahead: most businesses struggle to simply get off the ground. The best massage therapy school programs will show you how to make a business plan that you can use to secure small business loans and/or attract investors to give you the capital you'll need to start your business. Once you're able to start your business, the ceaseless pursuit of nurturing your business growth begins. For instance, is your goal to become a franchised massage therapy chain? To properly assess how you want your business to grow, you'll need to complete some market research. Massage therapy school programs can show you how to spot the biggest competitors in your area and untapped client bases you can target to catalyze growth. Many business plans extend 3 to 5 years, lay out detailed pricing strategies, marketing plans, tax liabilities, fixed overhead costs, insurance plans, salary structures, and HR management solutions. Having the ability to enter the industry with the skills to create a business plan can help you succeed.   

To learn more, contact a massage therapy school.