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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

Why Does Facial Waxing Last Longer Than Other Facial Hair Removal Methods?

by Jonathan Mason

When it comes to removing facial hair, you have a lot of options. Some women choose to shave their facial hair off, while others rely on plucking, hair removal creams, or other methods. But one of the best methods for getting rid of your facial hair and keeping it gone is waxing. If you've ever wondered why this is, here's what you need to know.

Removes the Hair

The first reason why facial hair waxing lasts longer than other methods is that it fully removes the hair. Methods like shaving only remove the surface hair that's emerged from the skin. This means that hair grows back much more quickly, as it only needs to extend a few millimeters in order to be visible on the surface again. The same can also be said of plucking, as plucking often breaks off the hair before the follicle and allows it to grow back in quickly as well.

Waxing removes the hair at the root. This means that even once a new hair starts to grow in, it'll be a while before it becomes visible on the surface of your skin. This can provide you with the smooth skin you're looking for much longer, potentially up to months, while most people who shave end up having to do it at least a few times per week.

Damages the Follicle

Usually, damage to the skin is considered a bad thing, but not so when it comes to the hair follicle. When a hair follicle is damaged, it does a couple of things. For starters, it stunts the growth of new hair for a period of time. This means you can go longer without needing a touch-up when compared to other methods of hair removal. But with more treatments, it can also lead to your hair growing in much more slowly. Those hairs that do come back will also be thinner and finer, which will make them softer and less noticeable. So if you can't get to the salon right away, it's less likely that anyone will notice that you have a little bit of hair growth on your face.

Facial Waxing Advantages

In addition to keeping your hair gone longer, waxing is one of the best methods you can choose because of its safety. Shaving your face can be difficult, and can potentially leave you with scrapes and cuts that may scar, damaging your appearance. Furthermore, methods like hair removal creams can also be dangerous. While they're designed to be gentle enough to use on the face, these creams can potentially burn your skin, especially if you have stubborn hair that doesn't come out after using the cream for the maximum amount of time. For these reasons, it's wise to go to a salon for facial waxing services like Lavida Massage of Staten Island if you want the hair gone.