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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

3 Reasons to Work with an Assisted Stretch Therapist

by Jonathan Mason

Regular stretching sessions offer a long list of advantages. Perhaps most importantly, you'll improve your range of motion, which can help to lower your risk of muscle pain and even injuries after certain activities. While many people stretch on their own, either at home or at the gym, there's another option to think about. Look for an assisted stretch therapist in your community. As this term suggests, this is a healthcare practitioner who will lead you through a stretching routine. Here are three reasons that you might wish to work with this type of therapist.

Better Stretching Mechanics

It's possible that you don't always use the correct body mechanics when you stretch. The problem with taking an incorrect approach is that you might end up suffering an injury. For example, you could simply stretch too quickly or too far, which could result in pain. Or, you could hold your body in an improper position, which could affect your ability to get the stretch that you want. When you work with an assisted stretch therapist, you'll unquestionably use better stretching mechanics. Your therapist will demonstrate how to perform each stretch, as well as make gentle, hands-on corrections to your body as you stretch.

Improved Results

Stretching on your own can have a number of challenges. On a given day, you might not feel like stretching, for example. Or, you might decide to shorten your stretching session because you want to get to another activity. Additionally, there's also a chance that you don't push yourself very hard while you stretch. If you stretch at the gym, you might be watching one of the gym's TVs at the time, which may distract you from going deeper. None of these issues will be a concern when you work with a stretch therapist. You'll stretch for a set amount of time and your therapist will encourage you to deepen your stretches to a specific level.

Identification of Problem Areas

It's possible that a certain part of your body has a high degree of flexibility, while another part does not. The average person may struggle to have a clear understanding of the problem areas, but a trained stretch therapist will be able to thoroughly assess your overall body. They may recommend that you spend more time stretching one area than another. For example, your hips might be tight, so it may be advisable to spend more time on your hips than on your shoulders.