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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

The Benefits Of Massage For Patients With Lyme Disease

by Jonathan Mason

Lyme disease can be incredibly debilitating and tough to treat. Patients with Lyme disease need to work closely with their doctors to treat the condition with antibiotics and other medications. However, supplemental treatments can also help manage and reduce the symptoms of Lyme. Massage is one of these supplemental treatments. Here are a few ways in which massage can benefit patients with Lyme disease.

Increased Joint Mobility

Stiff joints are one of the hallmark symptoms of Lyme disease. Much of the stiffness comes from arthritis and joint inflammation that the bacteria trigger. However, the stiffness soon radiates from the joints themselves and into the muscles. This only makes you feel stiffer and weaker as time goes on. Massage can loosen up your muscles, which will make you able to move and stretch with a lot less pain. With your muscles loose, your joints will be able to bend more readily. If this causes you to be a bit more active, and you move and flex your joints more, then the inflammation will drain from your joints, loosening you up even more.

Stress Relief

Lyme disease tends to cause stress. Not only do the bacteria themselves directly affect your nervous system and cause you to feel stressed, but being diagnosed with Lyme and having to live with its symptoms will stress you out, too! Your immune system can't do its best work when you are stressed, and stress also makes symptoms like pain and stiffness seem even worse. Massage can help relax you and bring down your stress levels. As a result, you will sleep better, your immune system will work better, and your pain and stiffness will become less prominent. 

Massage Helps Improve Circulation

When you have Lyme disease, swelling in the muscles and tissues tends to impede circulation. When your circulation is not ideal, your body cannot effectively send out the white blood cells and other immune factors to fight the Lyme bacteria. Massage helps drain fluid from your tissues and send it back into circulation. This reduces pressure on blood vessels so that blood can flow through them more readily, providing tissues with the nourishment and immune factors needed to fight the Lyme pathogens.

Massage can be very beneficial to patients with Lyme disease. Make sure you work with a massage therapist who understands that, as a Lyme patient, your skin is sensitive and you need a gentle touch.

For more information about massage and Lyme disease, contact a local massage clinic, like Synapse Massage and Bodywork.