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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

4 Ways Yoga Massage Helps Your Health

by Jonathan Mason

Thai yoga massage combines different techniques to achieve body healing and the benefits of massaging your body. Some of the techniques include acupuncture, asana, and twisting. Other practitioners will also include other healing techniques like thumbing, stretching, and palming. 

These massaging practices offer different benefits depending on the area of application. Here are the top benefits of Thai yoga massage.   

1. Reduces Cortisol Stress Hormone

An hour of regular massage visits can significantly reduce the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body to respond to stressful situations. Its reduction is essential to increasing serotonin levels, which help fight pain. Thus, massage helps the body fight pain, anxiety, fear, and sadness. 

2. Lowers Blood Pressure 

High levels of urinary cortisol and salivary cortisol stress hormones are often associated with depression. When the levels of these hormones decrease, often through massage, the body is relieved of depression, anxiety, and negative feelings. Massage also lowers diastolic and systolic blood pressure, lowering the chances of heart, kidney, and stroke attacks.

3. Improves Deep Sleep 

Continued sleep deprivation can contribute to several illnesses or worsen pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart attack, and heart failure. Individuals who don't enjoy enough sleep face a higher risk of respiratory infections like flu and the common cold. Anxiety and depression will also worsen if you lack good sleep. 

The good news is that Thai yoga massage can improve your sleep, lessening such risks. The massaging exercise helps produce the hormone serotonin, which encourages the production of the melatonin hormone responsible for deep sleep. 

4. Boosts Immunity 

Another benefit of the mechanical massaging process is increased blood flow in your veins, arteries, capillaries, and sinuses. The increased blood flow will boost the activity of the white blood cells, allowing the cells a better chance of fighting diseases. Besides, the mechanical processes help flush out toxins from the body, which directly reduces the risk of illnesses. 

By reducing the hormones responsible for increasing stress levels in the body, a yoga massage will boost the body's immune system and provide more room for protection against illnesses. People with high stress levels are more prone to injury and diseases. This is because they are less likely to pay attention while at workplaces, using tools and equipment, or when on the road. 

Thai massage therapy is recommended for individuals struggling with body trunk pains, tiredness, and discomfort. It can also be beneficial to anyone, including those without pains or discomfort, to achieve general mental and psychological health.