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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

Assisted Stretch Therapy Helps With Mobility, Posture, and Sports Performance

by Jonathan Mason

Stretching is often overlooked when it comes to physical and functional fitness. However, stretching can improve your sports performance, reduce the risk of sports injuries, help improve your balance, correct bad posture, and provide other helpful benefits. An assisted stretch therapist can take your stretching routine beyond what you can do alone. Here are some ways an assisted stretch therapist might help you.

Balance Muscles to Help Joint Mobility

If you're a sedentary person, your muscles may be out of balance. This puts pressure on your joints because one muscle might be strong and tight while another is weak. Through proper stretching techniques, your muscles can regain their natural resting tone. Tight muscles relax so your joint isn't pulled out of alignment.

One way to do that is for the assisted stretch therapist to move your leg or another body part into a stretch position and help you hold it for several seconds. Some stretches might be passive while others you'll do yourself with assistance from the therapist. This helps you stretch more fully than you're able to do alone.

The result is better joint mobility that gradually improves with treatment. You might notice a better range of motion after a single treatment, but in order to maintain the new level of movement, you'll probably need several treatments.

Release Tension in Deep Muscles

Imbalanced or tight muscles can affect your posture and body alignment too. Stretches can help because they reach the deep muscles. A massage therapist can work trigger points in deep muscles, but it's painful to endure. Stretching gets you the same benefits while being relaxing.

Stretch therapy is more than just doing stretches like you might do before you warm up to run. The stretches are targeted, and they often take two people to perform. That's why you need an assisted stretch therapist to help. The therapist develops a routine for your goals and then works with you on a series of deep stretches that you hold long enough to receive therapeutic benefit.

Relieve Soreness

Assisted stretch therapy can help reduce muscle soreness, break up scar tissue, and help with the healing of old injuries. You might notice enhanced sports performance or just less pain in your daily activities.

When you have good posture and flexible joints, you have better reflexes, and that could help with balance too. Whether you're a professional athlete or a senior citizen, you could probably benefit from stretch therapy.

An assisted stretch therapist can teach you ways to treat yourself at home. You can even learn assisted stretches if you have someone at home to help you. However, it's important to learn the moves from a professional so you get the most benefit and don't hurt yourself.