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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

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The Relaxation and Release of Massage

Why You Need Pregnancy Massage

by Jonathan Mason

The majority of pregnant women suffer from backaches and tired feet. Subsequently, this can impact their comfort level and make sleeping impossible. From your doctor's recommendation, you can consider a pregnancy massage to relieve and ease the discomfort.

Here is why you need a pregnancy massage.


Your growing baby's weight can take a toll on your stability during pregnancy by compressing the lower back. It can affect your posture and increase pressure on the legs. Fortunately, pregnancy massage can be rejuvenating and offer mental and physical relaxation. It's a common most common form of therapy that pregnant women receive.

In addition, the baby's weight can lead to muscle tension, and your legs may swell. Subsequently, the nerves can become impaired, and this can cause sciatic pain. Your muscles will relax after a comforting massage. Additionally, it helps in minimizing the swelling on your feet, and this stimulates blood circulation.

Reduces Depression

Most women during pregnancy can suffer from mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Besides relieving your muscles, massage can also help in reducing stress hormone levels and increase feel-good hormones. Therefore, you're likely to have fewer episodes of mood changes with a weekly massage.

Safety Consideration

Some women may fear massage because they may believe it can cause false labor or early contractions. However, a pregnancy massage is done by professionals to ensure your safety and that of your baby is guaranteed. First of all, they can recommend the best position to lie down, depending on the progression of the pregnancy. In addition, they are trained to massage various body areas such as the back and feet. As such, there's nothing to be afraid of since each session is personalized to suit your comfort demands. For example, the professional may ask you to lie on the side or sit in a slanting position. Typically, they won't ask you to lie on the back as the baby's weight can create a lot of pressure on the abdomen and veins, thereby restricting normal blood circulation. Likewise, the therapist uses special tools such as bolsters for supporting the knees or feet and pillows for extra comfort. There are also massage tables specially made to support the belly.

Getting a massage during pregnancy is comforting and refreshing to the body and mind. However, you need to consult your doctor before you enroll in the program. Contact a professional massage therapist today. They can provide more information regarding pregnancy massage.